Blackjack Game – Simple Blackjack Rules for Newbies

Game Blackjack is a popular gambling game not only in casinos but also played by many people in real life for entertainment. Although the rules of the game are relatively simple, to win, you need to master tactics and have experience. The article below, nhà cái EE88 will guide you knew The easiest way to play cards.

Introducing the game of blackjack

Blackjack game is a quite popular card game in our country. Normally, players need a deck of 52 cards to play. Before starting, the cards will be shuffled and dealt equally to each player. Each person will receive 2 or more cards depending on the number of players.

The main goal is to see who has a deck of cards with a total score closest to the number 21. The winner will receive the entire initial bet amount. Currently, this game is often organized online at websites, of which Ee88 is a casino with a large number of players participating.

Simple blackjack game rules for beginners

Want to win in blackjack game online at reputable bookmaker Ee88, understanding the rules of the game is extremely necessary. Below is the most basic information about how to play the game for newcomers.

The rules of the game need to be known

The Ee88 Blackjack card game is divided into 02 specific stages as follows:

State 1

When starting a blackjack game at Ee88, each person will receive 2 initial cards from the dealer. This is considered the first decisive stage because the results of these two cards will greatly affect the next strategy. If you fall into one of two cases: both cards are Aces or 1 Ace + 1 card has 10 points or more, you should stop to ensure good results. Because at this time, the probability of the dealer swallowing the player’s entire bet is very high, unless someone has a stronger or equal deck of cards than the dealer.

Phase 2

If they do not fall into two special cases in phase 1, the player will enter phase 2 to decide whether to draw more cards or not. This decision in blackjack game Based on the total score of the initial 2 cards. Normally, if there are 16-21 points, the player will stop to ensure good results. If they have less than 16 points, also known as “low cards”, they will draw more cards in the hope of increasing their score. Over 21 points or “too much” means failure. After everything stops, comparing scores and determining wins and losses will be done in order around the Ee88 card table.

How to calculate blackjack game points

Target of blackjack game is to get the total score of the cards in your hand as close to 21 as possible without going over it. The scoring method will help players consider carefully before deciding whether to draw more cards or not based on the current score as well as the opponent’s ability to play cards to come up with appropriate strategies and optimize the chance of winning. How to calculate pointspostfartdachis done as follows:

  • Specifically, cards from 2-10 will be scored according to the face value written on the card.
  • The pieces J, Q, K are all counted as 1 point.
  • As for Ace, it can flexibly be 1, 10 or 11 points depending on the interests of the card holder.


casino EE88 fit Share necessary information about blackjack game. To make money from this card game, in addition to mastering the rules of the game, you need to hone and practice many other strategies. Wishing future players good luck with your decision!

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