Double Chrysanthemum Scales

Is Double Chrysanthemum Scale Chicken Good or Bad? How to Identify at  Nhacaiuytin

Understanding the characteristics of a fighting chicken is always an important factor to help chicken farmers win in every fight. Some distinctive characteristics always show the fighting ability of the god cock. Fighting cocks with double chrysanthemum scales often do not receive much love from cockfighting enthusiasts. So what are the properties of this type of scale that affects fighting cocks so much? Let’s talk Nhacaiuytin Find out below.

What is chrysanthemum scales?

Chrysanthemum scales Located right on the front leg, there are two scales located next to each other that are positioned differently from the rest of the chicken’s scales. Cockfighters often do not like these fighting cocks with chrysanthemum scales. The first factor is because chickens possessing this type of scale will have their temperament affected. In addition, when fighting chickens of this type often have poor fighting ability. Therefore, cockfighting enthusiasts do not like this type of scales.

Right from the name, you can immediately imagine the characteristics of this type of scale. They are located in the front part of the leg. Normally, chicken foot scales will grow long and evenly, but chrysanthemum scales have much different characteristics.

Many experts in this subject believe that if fighting cocks have this type of scale, their fighting force will not be strong. From there, the chicken’s fighting ability is reduced and it affects the entire match.

How to identify chrysanthemum scales at  Nhacaiuytin

When observing the legs of a fighting cock, you should not only observe its shape but also carefully observe each scale. To identify, you can carefully look at each scale, and if you discover two adjacent scales in front of the chicken’s legs that have a different position compared to the remaining scales, those are double chrysanthemum scales.

Because it has a rather small shape, if the cockerel is not sharp-eyed, it is easy to buy a fighting cock with the above scales. Therefore, you should not rush but carefully observe each scale to choose the most valuable cockroach possible.

Chicken with double chrysanthemum scales is good or bad

Although it received many bad reviews, in reality, the bounce type is not too bad. In recent times, there have been a number of professional cockfighters who have chosen fighting cocks with this type of scale for experimental breeding. However, the results are not very positive, because this type of scale greatly affects the fighting ability of fighting cocks.

Through the process of trial raising, it can be seen that chickens with chrysanthemum scales not only cause unsightliness to fighting chickens but also affect the chicken’s choice of fighting and striking. Furthermore, fighting cocks have scales that are usually not tough. This makes it easy for opponents to defeat your cocks in long matches.

According to observations, chickens with this type of scales often lose in every match because their health is really weak compared to other types of chickens. Normally, they still have the ability to strike, but their kicking power is too weak to defeat their opponents. Others have unstable fighting strength, so they easily drown and are knocked down by the opponent’s fatal kick. In particular, they will often fail immediately if they are attacked too aggressively.

Should you choose chicken with double chrysanthemum scales?

According to many professional fighting cock players, if you still want to try raising chickens for experience, you can choose this type of scaly chicken. However, it is really not recommended to take it to competitions.

The scales are located very close to the chicken spurs. Therefore, it really greatly affects the fighting force as well as the fighting ability of the fighting cock. Not only that, they also affect the long-term fighting ability of chickens. However, this is just the opinion of the majority, who knows, maybe the chicken with this type of scale raised by you yourself is another special case.

Besides, you can also choose fighting chickens with this type of scale to turn them into extra chickens for your fighting chickens to practice. Normally, it usually has a very cheap price, so why not buy it so your cock can practice.

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Note when choosing song chrysanthemum chicken scales

To really choose a great fighting cock, you will have to pay attention to every little detail of the cock. Observing the scales of fighting cocks is also especially important. After doing some research, you also know how bad effects the song chrysanthemum chicken scales have on fighting chickens. However, you also need to learn some additional notes when choosing chicken with this type of scale.

The identifying characteristic of the above scales is that they are extremely small in size and difficult to find. Therefore, to recognize it early on is extremely difficult. However, it is not impossible to detect them. Normally, they will lie next to each other and have a very different position compared to other scales.

Furthermore, in some special cases, hybrid offspring will have this type of scale because of inheritance from their parents. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to this to avoid having a bad generation of fighting chickens. From there, your entire career of becoming an undefeated cockfighter can be seriously affected.

More specifically, in many mutation cases, although the parent generation does not have this type of scale, the F1 generation is born with double chrysanthemum scales that have severe harmful effects. This is an unfortunate thing for all cockfighters. However, don’t be too discouraged. Who knows, if you diligently care for and raise them, they may become a unique and unbeatable fighting cock. It’s impossible to say, because anything can happen.

The above article by Nhacaiuytinhas provided detailed information about the type of chrysanthemum scales that often appear on many fighting chickens. Through that, you also know that this is a bad type of scale. Please really pay attention so you can avoid encountering and choose a fighting chicken that is worthy of you.

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