Explore the most popular soccer betting terminology

Terminology in soccer betting quite diverse and represents factors in betting. If you want to win when playing soccer online, you need to understand this information clearly. However, not all bettors understand this content better. To be able to participate in entertainment conveniently and bring great rewards when betting, please join New88 to review the article below.

Why do you need to understand the terminology in soccer betting?

Terminology in soccer betting commonly used and intended to create convenience for players. They replace long phrases that commonly appear at bookmakers to help bettors easily identify them. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to clearly understand this content. Only when you clearly understand the information and meaning of the terms can you participate effectively and accurately.

Besides, articles providing information or betting references also use this term. So if you don’t understand it clearly, it will be difficult to understand the meaning. This causes a lot of time wasting for individual bettors when betting online.

Not only that, football terminology also shows the players’ professionalism when entertaining online. You can follow the match more easily when you know these words and symbols clearly and avoid unwanted mistakes when “money down”.

Revealing the terms in soccer betting that bettors need to know

With the emergence of diverse sports bets. Nowadays, there are also many Terminology in soccer betting appear accordingly. If you want to experience and bring back valuable rewards for yourself, you need to clearly understand the following information. Specifically:

Terminological details are available in Asian football odds

Asian Handicap can be said to be one of the types of bets with the most terminology in the field of hydrangea. So to be able to participate in entertainment easily and win, you need to clearly understand the following. Specifically:

  • Handicap/Asian Handicap: Alternative English name for Asian Handicap.
  • Odds: Refers to the money conversion rate in the bet.
  • Over/Under: Over/under bet/over/under bet.
  • Over: Handicap/underdog team only.
  • Under: The team given the odds/underdog.
  • O/E: When betting on total match goals to be even or odd.
  • Win full: Win the entire bet.
  • Lose full: Lose the entire bet.
  • Win Half: When winning ½ of the bet amount.
  • Lose Half: When you lose half your money.
  • HT/Half Time: Indicates the playing time of the first half.
  • FT/Full Time: This is the full-time kick symbol.
  • ET/Extra time: When there is extra time.
  • PEN: In case there is a penalty kick.
  • Vibration/running: Place bets while the match is taking place.
  • CS/Correct Score: Bet to predict detailed match scores.
  • Even ball odds: Means the two teams are equal in strength, the result is a draw.
  • ½ bet: This means the upper team will win, if they win by 1 goal difference, and if there is a draw, they lose half of the money.
  • Handicap 1 ¼: In this case, the upper team needs a difference of 2 goals to win the full prize. If the score at the end of the match is only 1 apart, it means the upper bet loses ½ of the money. In case of loss or draw, you will lose everything.
  • Asian Handicap 1 ¾: Terminology in soccer betting This shows that the favorite team needs to score 3 separate goals to receive the full bonus. If you only score 2 goals, you will lose ½ money and if you score 1 goal, you will lose money.
  • ¼ ball bet: In case the match results are a draw, the upper team will lose ½ of their capital. If you win by one goal, it means winning all the corresponding money.

Terminology in European football betting online

Similarly, for Terminology in soccer betting Europe is also clearly shown as follows.

  • 1×2: This is the symbol for European handicap.
  • 1: When predicting the home team to win the match.
  • X: The player thinks that the two opposing teams will draw.
  • 2: Bet on the away team to win.
  • 1x: This symbol means betting on the home team to win or draw.
  • 2x: Choose the away team to win or draw after the end of the match.

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Terminology in Over/Under football betting

For Terminology in soccer betting Over/Under is rated quite a bit, and is easy to understand. Normally, this type of bet will be based on the odds offered by the house and appear on the betting table with the following symbols and terms.

  • Over/Over/O: This corresponds to the player predicting a higher result than the bookie winning.
  • Under/Under/Under/U: Winning will occur if the match result is lower than the prediction announced at the beginning.

Above are some things to share about Terminology in soccer betting commonly seen today.New88 We hope that readers will get useful information, help their betting process go smoothly and bring them attractive rewards.

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