Fish shooting coin game – 4 great tricks from experts

The coin-based fish shooting game is no longer unfamiliar to many people, almost everyone has played the fish shooting game once in their life. With simple and easy-to-understand gameplay, not everyone can win the bonus from this game. Follow the article below by OKVIP to know 4 tricks to play fish shooting game to win 100%

What is the coin shooting fish game?

The coin-eating fish shooting game is an attractive entertainment game theme that is sought after and experienced by many people ever. With simple gameplay operations, a simplified and easy-to-understand screen along with sharp and vivid graphics, players enjoy it. The basic rules of the game are just to use the available guns to shoot the fish swimming around you. With simple game rules that can bring you a huge amount of bonuses, not everyone can really resist this fish shooting game title.

First we should learn about the available features in this coin-eating fish shooting game:

Bomb explosion: this feature has the effect of killing most sea creatures located near the bomb’s explosion range

Cannons: There are many different cannon capacities, from level 1 to level 7

Trap: With a duration of 30 seconds, you can set a trap for the shark on its path

Electric bridge: Within the area of ​​effect of the electric bridge, all fish will stop and their health will decrease

After understanding the features of the coin-based fish shooting game, you can devise a strategy to capture as many sea creatures as possible. In addition to the above features, you should pay attention to the following operations while playing the game:

Aiming and shooting: This is the basic and key operation in this legendary game title.

Set up bullets and shoot: In your cannon, there are up to 7 different bullet levels for you to choose from. Depending on the bonus amount for each cannon, you can choose different gun levels to destroy them.

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4 Tips to get 100% bonus from experts

After learning about how to play the fish shooting coin game in detail, nowOKVIP will dividewill Here are some tips to help you always win in this game.

Trick to shoot fish and win coins in the rhythm of forward – backward – forward

With this trick you will easily defeat the sea creature bosses in the game. Usually the bosses in coin-based fish shooting games will be your scary opponents because it is very difficult to destroy them, but in return they bring a huge amount of bonus when you can conquer them. This boss.
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You will shoot in a forward – backward – forward rhythm to be able to grasp 90% of the victory in your hand. Shooting in this rhythm will help your gun stabilize and unleash its speed and high lethality. .

Individual shot tips

This trick will help you always maintain a stable state when playing the coin-eating fish shooting game. You will not spend too many coins on big bosses that will reduce the capacity of your gun. Instead you should focus on the fish swimming alone or located at the edge of the screen, because these fish only take 1 to 2 bullets but bring you 100% bonus coins when you aim them.

Being too focused on destroying big bosses will cause your ammo to be significantly wasted, which will lead to your gaming time as well as your chance of winning becoming lower and lower.

We should keep a cool head and not be too hasty in winning in the early seconds.

Flexibly change different types of bullets

It will be very difficult if you only use a single type of bullet to destroy the creatures in this vast ocean. Therefore, you need to flexibly change different types of bullets to increase your winning percentage and get 100% bonus coins.

Use the feature at the right time

In addition to the 7 levels of cannons, you should not forget the powerful features that help you destroy more advanced animals. With features such as: Cannons, bombs, electric shock, etc., you can flexibly use them on purpose to destroy marine life in the shortest amount of time.

So above, we have summarized the tips to help you 100% win bonus coins in the coin shooting fish game genre, with the tips summarized by experts in the online gaming industry. I hope you can apply it successfully and win lots of bonus coins. Hope you will have fun and comfortable moments when experiencing this attractive game title. Good luck.

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