History of Development and Operation of OKVIP Group Up to 2024

OKVIP is the largest multinational entertainment & media corporation in the Asian market today. Do you know about this brand name? What are the unique products and services that the group provides? Worthwhile points uncle inner meaningMissHow does branding work with community programs? Let’s follow the pieces of information below to have the most objective view about this name.

17-year journey of brand development

In 2006, Taipei101 Group was introduced to players as an entertainment game brand, providing extremely attractive entertainment game genres. By 2022,orDuring the formation and efforts, the brand was renamed OKVIP, marking a major turning point in the history of the online entertainment industry.

OrAfter 17 years of development, the group has brought unique entertainment products and services, attracting thousands of visitors every day. And by 2023, the alliance has become a giant with the most financial potential in the field and built a diverse business ecosystem with a wide network of partners and branches in many countries. in Asia.

17 year development journey

OrDuring nearly 20 years of development in the online business market, OKVIP has affirmed its strength in organizational structure as well as shaping its name in the industry. Not only that, by always putting customer satisfaction as the number one priority.

The Group has continuously worked to provide an environmentMissEqual, multimedia entertainment and safety provided to players. By constantly innovating itself, OKVIP promises to continue to develop to bring more exciting experience spaces to millions of players globally.

Miss Charity work – social responsibility

OKVIP’s responsibility to society

Not only is it a leader in the field of media & entertainment, OKVIP also shows itself to be a big name with many meaningful contributions to the community and society. Thanks to that, the group’s name continues to grow and leaves a good impression in everyone’s hearts.

From its founding until now, along with the successMissIn business and brand development, OKVIP alliance has built and implemented many volunteer programs across all regions of the country with the desire to bring joy and peace to every Vietnamese household.

With commit30% of profits from business, the group has regularly invested in support funds and educational infrastructure, contributing a large part to Missing the construction of the country. Recorded activities include:

Volunteer campaign in remote areas

According to statistics, Vietnam is still classified as one of the developing countries. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that across the country there are still unhappy and difficult lives. Especially for people in remote areas. With restrictions on accessMissWith today’s advanced technology, they are still experiencing many difficulties to maintain their lives and build a family for themselves.

OKVIP has been a pioneer in promoting national wealth through activities of giving love to disadvantaged families in remote areas for many years. With the desire to contribute and build a more prosperous Vietnam, the group has constantly sought and supported many families so that they have more motivation to move forward in life.

Build a scholarship fund for poor children

Practical contributions for poor children

Thousands of poor, studious children still yearn to go to school every day. There are areas where children have to follow their parents to work very early just to make a living, without receiving a proper education. Therefore, OKVIP has tried its best to contribute to the education fund to develop the future of Vietnamese knowledge.

Specifically, the group has donated hundreds of scholarships to poor children across the country, equipped many facilities for remote and difficult areas, and joined hands to build schools at the border and in other areas. remote area,…

Supports local community collaboration

As part of the campaign to enhance the stature of Vietnamese people, OKVIP has been supporting many disadvantaged communities and communes across the country, including areas heavily affected by storms and flash floods. These things are shown through practical actions such as: handing out bags of rice, essential foods, direct cash support, direct visits to families,…

Although these contributions are not large, they will be a spiritual stepping stone to help people have more motivation to earn a living and develop every day. The program took place for the first time in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, so far the group has spread love to many different provinces such as Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Phu Yen,…

OKVIP and future orientation

With the desire to bring the best experiences to customers,uncleWe continue to thrive in communication and healthy online entertainment games. This has created hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities, contributing to changing the stature and quality of Vietnamese labor. With a clear future orientation, OKVIP (website: https://okvipgroup.online/)with the desire to lead the market, work with breakthrough thinking, aiming for effective and sustainable development.

Through a widespread development vision, popularized throughout Asia along with the responsibility of community contribution, the OKVIP alliance has built a clear and consistent set of long-term goals right from the first steps. Becoming a leading multinational corporation in Asia and the world with a mission to bring thousands of jobs to workers.

With the standard of 8 golden words: “Professional, effective, progressive, normative”, in the coming time, the alliance is making efforts in Missing the expansion of market share and brand development in many different countries and especially in Cambodia.


OKVIP’s journey of development and prosperity cannot lack great contributions from customers. With the desire to provide participants with the most ideal and practical entertainment space,uncleI will continuously develop on a difficult path and take on many challengesorThis. We hope that through the above sharing, customers will have more useful information about the group and continue to support OKVIP in the coming time.

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