How to Hear the Sound of the Disc to Help You Win Big

Xoc Dia is a folk game that is currently loved by many players. One of the tricks for playing coin toss that is being applied the most by many players is how to listen to the sound of the coin toss. Our article today will introduce to you the secret to playing coin toss, to help you win big. Let’s 789bet Follow me.

What is a disc jockey?

Xoc Dia is a folk game that appeared a long time ago, it has been passed down from generation to generation and is loved by many players and chooses to participate. With extremely simple rules, there are no requirements or technical requirements of the player. Currently, veteran players often apply the strategy of listening to the coin to be able to accurately predict the results.

In the past, coin tossing games were often only held during holidays or gatherings with friends. Up to now, with the love of players, this game can be played online and is gradually becoming much more popular. When playing dice, you only need a plate, an upturned bowl, and 4 coins that can be made from the suits of the cards.

The disc jockey means that the player will hear the sound of the coins to be able to predict the results. Veteran experts who rely on this listening method can predict results with an accuracy of over 80%.

How to hear the sound of disc jockey

The simplest way to hear the exact taste of the coin is to use different coins. If you use coins that are not identical to each other, they will make different sounds when jostled. From there, players can predict the outcome of the game.

However, this way of hearing the sound of a disc jolting is usually only applicable in certain cases. The best and safest way is to still listen and learn and practice. The more you listen, the more accurate your ability to read military positions will be. First, learn to focus on listening to the sound of the coins and learn from each bet.

Once you get used to hearing the sounds of coins and grasping the sound, your listening results will be much better and more accurate. For safer results, you need to practice listening many times before playing for real.

How to hear the sound of disc jockey when playing online

The above shares only show how to listen to the disc jockey when playing traditionally. At that time, you can clearly hear the sound of the coins emitting clearly. Because you can sit next to the person holding the dice.

This method of listening to the disc jockey is very popular and is applied by veteran disc jockeys. Usually, they will prepare different coins for themselves, each coin will be made from different light and heavy materials. So that when they listen, they will immediately discover which side is tails and which side is tails.

Therefore, when playing coin toss in the traditional way, you should choose a reputable place to play. It’s best to check all the coin-shaking equipment once before playing. As for online disc jockeys, it will be very difficult to distinguish the voices of the pieces, because when the sound reaches the player’s ears it may not be accurate.

Often the sound of coins will mix with the noise of the studio. Not to mention that if the player’s network signal is poor, it will cause interruptions when listening. In addition, some bookmakers also use default sounds to insert when shaking. So it is almost impossible for players to hear the sound of online disc jockeys, so you should not expect too much.
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Experience how to listen to the sound of disc jockey from experts

Below are some experiences of listening to the sound of disc jockeys 789BET can be synthesized

Only participate in betting at reputable bookmakers

To be able to hear the most accurate sound of online disc jockeys, players need to choose quality bookmakers. Use the most authentic sound and not mixed with other sounds. Only then can you read the taste most accurately.

Distinguishing sounds of troops vyou

When you play for a long time and hear the sound of the disc jockey, you will feel very simple, it is very easy to distinguish the sound of the pieces and in which direction they move.

Patiently study and practice

The sound emitted from the collision will make it very difficult for us to distinguish the sound of flipping. However, if you really patiently study and practice focusing between your eyes and ears, you will gradually get used to these sounds and be able to make the most accurate predictions.


Above we have given you the most detailed instructions on how to listen to the sound of disc jockey. To be most effective, try to practice listening regularly so you can make the most accurate judgments.

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