How to Play New88 Phom and Win in 2024

How to play phom New 88 is a highly discussed issue on social networking sites at the moment. This is one of the classic and most popular card games in our country. The super product has simple, attractive gameplay and offers great rewards opportunities for members.

Overview of phom game at New88 system

Phom is an extremely popular game in the Northern region of our country and is often called Ta La. The super product first appeared in the Bac Ninh area at the end of the twentieth century. Thanks to its uniqueness and appeal, the game still exists and is loved today.

Many experts have commented that the way to play phom will be similar to the card game Tien Len Mien Nam. The game will use 52 cards in the poker set to distribute to 2 to 4 players in each game. Here members will have the opportunity to show off their superior skills to increase their winning percentage.

Share the most detailed way to play New88 2024 phom

If you are a rookie and are in the process of learning about this card game, you definitely cannot ignore the information we have compiled below.

The term is often used in the game 2024

After receiving the cards and starting the game, the player will have countless different situations that need to be resolved. Here are some common terms that people often encounter in every game:

  • Phom: In case a player owns three cards with similar numerical values ​​linked together of the same suit, a complete phom combination will be created.
  • Eat: According to the way of playing phom, you will have the right to eat other opponents’ cards if they help players form complete sets.
  • Spin phom: The player uses two cards with the aim of capturing any card.
  • Venom: The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table for all players to easily manipulate.
  • Score: The system will consider the player’s score in the final phase of the game.
  • Burn: When a match ends but you still do not form any complete phom combination, you will be considered a bust.
  • Junk: Cards that are sporadic and cannot be used in combination with other complete combinations.
  • ù: The player can form multiple phoms with all of his cards.
  • Temple: The three cards you play are all captured by the person next to you and the Buzz is successfully performed. At this time, players need to pay cards with extremely high value.

Detailed process of playing phom at New88 system

When the game starts, all members will be given a total of 9 cards according to a random algorithm. In which, a selected player will own 10 cards and have the right to play cards first. In case this card helps you create a phom combination, you will proceed to play the card.

Otherwise, the player must draw from the deck and play any card so the game can continue. According to phom playing style, the game will end when a member announces a successful buzzing. Otherwise, the game will last up to 4 turns and the system will consider the score immediately afterward. The player with the lowest score combination will officially win.

Learn how to play New88 phom like a master

Through the above information, we can see that this is a game that does not require too much experience and skill of members. However, if you have the following playing strategies, you will definitely easily increase your chances of winning.
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Create beautiful phoms based on card arrangement rules

With the rules for arranging cards, you will definitely have an effective way to play phom. Cards with large point values ​​such as 10, J, Q, K will require players to reason carefully before making a decision to keep or play down.

In addition, card playing methods also need to be applied throughout the game. Specifically, if you are holding a pair of 9s, you can play an 8 or a 10 to catch your opponent’s 9 card.

Know how to analyze other players

In a table, each player will have a completely different way of playing phom. You can rely on the cards that have been played to predict the strategy your opponent is applying. With this playing tip, you will definitely become more flexible and proactive in each game.


Above is all the most useful information about how to play phom at the leading reputable online entertainment system in 2024, New88.. Members, please quickly access the website, register for an official account and immediately experience all the uniqueness that this playground has to offer.

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