Luxury and Craftsmanship: Top Jewellers in Manchester


For the fans of jewels, searching for the best jewellers in Manchester, there are several recommendations to consider. Regardless of whether you are on the lookout for an ageless engagement ring, a custom jewelry design, or one of the fine vintage pieces, the jewelry market in Manchester has got it all. Here we describe helpful tips to find the most beautiful jewelry that you are looking for at the appropriate price range.

General Overview of the Jewelry Market: Manchester

Manchester has long presented a wonderful display of jewelry shops – From luxury fashion houses and trendy designer names; to small, idyllic jewelry stores. The furniture market of the city offers every possible taste and culture right from the modern living to the traditional antique one. Being a city where craftsmanship has always had a history in the city then one can be assured that each jeweller is well endowed with the ability to produce quality and unique items.

Top Jewellers in Manchester

These are some of the top jewellers in Manchester:


Boodles and luxury are almost synonyms, the brand has always been associated with sophistication. Boodles’ exquisite craftsmanship and its stylish creations make it a go-to brand for fine jewelleries suitable for any occasion.

David M Robinson

David M Robinson gives customers a chance to select from time-honored conventions and innovation, featuring both conventional and avant-garde furniture. The customer SERVQUAL score shows that they are very attentive and professional on their services, making them a special delight for jewelries lovers in Manchester.The ability to offer a detailed unique service delivery can be seen as a major strength point.


Hancocks boast of a legacy and QC, therefore stands out as the go-to store in case one is in need of quality jewelry. The joy of dealing with a family-owned business is that they are always willing to work with most of their clients, providing exquisite jewelries.

Tiffany & Co.

To know this company it is not necessary to describe it, as it situated its stores at King Street, and one of them is Tiffany & Co. The company belongs to classical fine jewelery, and so it is suitable for those people who are planning to celebrate some certain date and to immortalize this moment.


Originally founded in 1899, Beaverbrooks has been embraced as the most loved and well-known jewellery store. They maintain collections of various pieces of jewelry so you can order all you need from engagement rings to luxury watches.

Popular Jewelry Districts

Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter is one of the best regions to find independent, and special custom jewelry pieces. This is also a rather fashionable district since there are many small independent jewelers and vintage stores, which would be perfect for a special gift.

King Street

Among all the streets, the king dominates in luxury and expensive items like jewelry. Of its stores are such well known jewellers such as, Tiffany and Co, Boodles and it has additional fine products for customers who are in search of them.


There are the lines of ordinary commercial production and some designers offering exclusive clothing and accessories. Self-improvement clothing is also enjoyable and a good way to spend the afternoon; it is always possible to find something nice and go there.

Types of Jewelry Offered

Engagement Rings

Bands are part of Manchester jewelry accessories’ offerings as well. Whether a more traditional ring design or more elaborate like the earliest rings of love, you are bound to find a ring for every occasion.

Custom-made Jewelry

In order to get something completely new and created from scratch, then custom jewelry would be the solution to take. Manchester’s quality workmanship means that it can create works of furniture to your required taste and style.

Vintage and Antique Pieces

Some of the shops that one can make purchases from include the following shops are available in Manchester selling vintage and antique jewelry. It is better to note that these pieces of furniture tell their own tales and have the nostalgia that cannot be provided by today’s trendy designs.

High Fashion Jewelry

High fashion jewelry also serves the modern, trend setting audience with elaborate and daring creations. Such items are suitable for making a rip and keeping track of the current trend in the market.

Custom Jewelry Services

To design and make something unique and beautiful is always a great pleasure and the same can be said about the creation of the unique jewelry piece. Consultative design begins with an initial meeting where you discuss your concept and options. The jeweller then generates a blueprint in form of a drawing or a 3D rendering, and this is where you can perceive the original draft of what will be generated. Once completed it is tailored perfectly and with great finesse; the final product is an item that would have the look that you have envisioned it to look like.

Jewelry for Special Occasions


Whether the ring you are considering is one that marks your engagement, or, the one that symbolizes your union on the wedding day, Manchester has it all. One way in which other people can bring individuality into the wedding jewelry is by having a piece made as a special order.


It is your chance to shop for the most delicate anniversary jewelry for celebrating your achievements with your partner. It can refer to an iconic item which was with the couple from the beginning of their romance or a new piece which is purchased after the wedding; it is the best way to capture the journey that two individuals have taken.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Most people consider them appealing and since they are our staple product, perfect for birthdays among other occasions. I still consider it as one of the ways through which you can convey your feelings of thankfulness to someone and pass a message that he or she is valued.

Tips for buying jewellery in Manchester

As we mentioned earlier, jewelry can be bought in many places, but it is crucial to be cautious while making your purchase in Manchester due to the following reasons:As we pointed out earlier it can be bought from any store but you need to be conscious while shopping for it in Manchester some of the reasons include:

  1. Research: First of all, before going to the jewelers, it would be of immense advantage if there is a pre-established mentality of the kind of jewelry the buyer intends to buy and the capability in terms of financial muscle.
  2. Certification: On the issue of evaluating the level of uniqueness of the given jewelry, ensure that it has the usual certifications or hallmarks.
  3. Reputation: Trade with established jewelery shops which have good comments from customers as well as lengthy experience of business.
  4. Ask Questions: It is always acceptable to enquire about the type of materials used, how the pieces have been made and the methods of cleaning taken.


Manchester is especially rich in this type of offerings and one is able to find everything from massively expensive jewelry of famous brands to unique small artisans. If you are in need of a classic looking engagement ring, an engagement ring which has been designed according to the customer’s tastes or any other accessories, going to a jeweller in the city will not disappoint you. Happy jewelry hunting!

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