OKVIP – Vietnam’s No. 1 Entertainment Group

Proud to be one of the quality entertainment corporations, okvip quickly received the love and attention of a global audience. This alliance has proven that the smokeless industry in the field of online entertainment is gradually dominating the market today. Let’s learn about this corporation in the following article.

Important information about OKVIP

Although it is a famous brand, not everyone knows information about this corporation. If you want to know more about our mission, vision and important information about us, please continue reading.

OKVIP What is that?

It is one of the entertainment corporations with the greatest influence on the market today. We always bring quality products and great utilities to global customers to use. With 17 years of experience, we have become a potential address in the entertainment field for trusted and passionate users.

Not only is we a strong entertainment corporation, we also create jobs for thousands of young workers today. Easy work and high salary are what the corporation is all about OKVIP are looking forward to during this time. Helps you find a satisfactory job and earn a stable income.

Objectives and mission

Creating a healthy and safe entertainment playground is the top goal we aim for. All activities of the company revolve around this purpose and making it perfect. To do that, we have poured a huge amount of capital in investment and cooperated with many famous, quality game publishers.

One of the proofs for the strong development of OKVIP is to own a potential customer file with more than 1 million registered people. Besides, the company always changes its business strategy to expand its customers as well as its scope of operations in many different countries.

Entertainment activities of OKVIP group

Prestige is the top factor that we have always emphasized over the past 17 years. Therefore, all plans and activities of the group are always aimed at this goal. Let’s take a look at some media entertainment activities that the company has done well in recent times.

Owns 2 quality football channels

In order to bring users quick information about football, OKVIP has successfully built and developed two channels specializing in sports: Keovip.tv andOkay.

Here, you will be able to watch classic football matches live in extremely sharp full HD quality. Not only that, this is also an opportunity for you to learn more useful information sources to serve your betting.

Prestigious football livestream platform – Okchoi

As shared, Okchoi is the group’s most successful product in providing information and broadcasting soccer livestreams. This is considered a familiar address for many football enthusiasts around the world today.

Your eyes will be washed by extremely sharp goals from matches on the field. Currently, OKVIP has cooperated with many units to provide users with quality affiliate links. At the same time, we also own a team of leading experts to advise and bring customers the best football watching experience.

OKVIP – Gold sponsor for many major tournaments

With large financial resources, we are the gold sponsor of many major tournaments. This is also considered one of the significant achievements that we are proud of during the past 17 years of operation.
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Sponsor Seagame 23

With the desire to bring the best values ​​to the country, we have become a sustainable sponsor for Seagame 23. Accompanying the tournament, we have been promoting communication work in many fields and providing provide important information to users.

Above all, we have spent a large amount of money to support the athletes in the tournament. Helps them be more confident and demonstrate their abilities well in competitions.

Accompanying the Asian Cup

Enhance brand in the region, OKVIP always stand side by side and accompany the Asian Cup. We quickly update each tournament that takes place and release advertisements on many current information channels. Above all, the funding we invest in the Asian Cup is a great source of encouragement for players and teams.

OKVIP is one of the largest entertainment corporations globally and has a team of professional, dedicated, and dedicated staff. Currently, we still strive to bring valuable products to customers and provide a quality platform for players to participate and experience.

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