Play the dragon king fish shooting game to win big money

For many gamers of the Dragon King fish shooting game, the form of playing fish shooting online in this game has become familiar. With improvements and innovations in gameplay, this game is increasingly being updated by bookmakers into their reward game system. The article below is from New88 I will show you the simplest way to play.

Learn in detail how to play the dragon king fish shooting game

If you have tried the Long Vuong fish shooting game, it is highly likely that you will find it difficult to go back to the traditional way of playing fish shooting. In this new game, you will discover many new things, different from the previous way of playing. This game is diverse with many types of fish and many different types of guns from small to large, designed to serve many different purposes.

This new fish shooting offers a form of reward that is much more attractive than the traditional way of playing. It not only brings relaxing moments but also brings many rewards and cash to players. This explains why this game became so popular and loved.

The graphics of this new fish shooting game are equipped with a much more beautiful system than playing fish shooting at supermarkets. Therefore, the dragon king fish shooting game gradually surpasses its competitors and dominates the current fish shooting market.

Weapons used in shooting dragon king fish

When participating in this fish shooting game, you will have a variety of choices with many different types of guns, from guns for shooting small fish to guns to kill boss fish, along with many other types of guns.

To face boss fish, using a gun capable of shooting at the boss or a large bullet is necessary. This requires precision so that there is no waste when using the gun incorrectly.

With small fish, using a small gun and normal bullets is enough to kill them. This helps save bullets and increase performance during gameplay.

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High winning playing strategies

In this fish shooting game, simply using bullets freely is enough to achieve the highest score. Instead, you need to apply some good gameplay and strategies to use bullets wisely, avoid wasting bullets and at the same time accumulate a lot of points.

Know how to choose a good fish shooting table

To increase your chances of winning, choosing wisely is very important. During the game, you need to choose a table that matches your current level. Choosing the wrong table can increase the possibility of failure.

To choose the right table, you need to experience the game and pay attention to the number of players on the tables. Evaluate your opponent’s play, see if they are technical, and avoid entering the table if they are excellent opponents.

Only when you find a table that suits your abilities, join. This requires patience to find the ideal table. If you are too hasty, you may fall into a table with a higher level, leading to the possibility of failure.

Tactics to kill groups of fish

To achieve a big score, you need to know how to destroy a school of fish at the same time. Good players often have effective techniques as follows.

First, they are not in a hurry when participating in the game. Instead, they will monitor the fish and wait for them to gather into a large group. Then, they will rely on the direction of movement of the fish to prepare all the necessary bullets and guns. Thanks to this, they can continuously shoot at schools of fish, bringing in huge scores.

People who can apply this strategy in the dragon king fish shooting game often find it difficult to lose, and they always achieve higher scores than other players.

Prioritize increasing bonus points with shooting small fish

For many new players, they may not be interested in shooting the types of fish that are awarded in the game because they think that these are types with low bonuses, not worth using bullets for.

However, for experienced gamers, they will take advantage of all types of bonus fish to collect higher bonus points. This is also how they increase the amount of money they earn. This is important and worth noting for new players.

Select the fish’s moving point

In the gameShoot Fish Dragon King, owning guns and bullets is not simply about shooting fish, but also requires smart tactical choices to avoid killing fish before others compete to lose your points.

To be able to shoot a school of fish, you need to follow their direction, observe how they move, see if they move fast or slow, and from there grasp these factors to prepare your gun and bullets. This helps you effectively destroy the fish.

Once you have a grasp of the fish’s direction, you can enter the game with increased confidence. On the contrary, if you do not know how to shoot smartly, you will have difficulty winning this game.


With the excellent strategies in the dragon king fish shooting game that we shared in the previous article, once you understand how to use a variety of guns to destroy different targets and grasp how to play to increase your score. , these are great tricks that not everyone knows. Once you understand this cash fish shooting game, earning money becomes extremely simple.

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