What is Keno? Interesting Information About Keno Lottery

What is Keno?? Keno is a form of lottery playing that is extremely familiar to many people today. The prize value of this form is extremely attractive, making many people desire it. New88 Playground provides this exciting lottery experience to thousands of members. Let’s find out more details about this game in this article.

What is Keno?

What is Keno?? Keno is a type of lottery game that originated in China and spread around the world. This form of betting has many different bets based on the results of random numbers from 1 – 80. The house will draw 20 numbers and then compare them with the numbers the participant won to pay the prize.

With this form, members only need to find the numbers they think will come out to bet. Then wait for the number to be drawn from the system and you can receive a reward for each winning number. Members can participate every day at New88 to have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.

Keno is an interesting playground for bettors to participate in predicting lucky numbers

What are the forms of Keno betting?

After learning clearly about What is keno?Then you need to look for more information about betting methods. Participants rated that the rules of this keno game were not too difficult. Currently, the system has provided up to 7 different betting forms for you to choose from.

Bet on over/under/draw

This is a very simple betting method, commonly found in keno betting systems today. This form is to calculate the total score of 20 marbles that the dealer randomly draws.

  • Over: the person who bets on this bet wins if the total score of these 20 balls is greater than 810. At this time you will win the prize at a rate of 1.95, meaning if you bet 100K you will receive 195K.
  • Under: whoever bets on this bet will receive a bonus rate of up to 1.95. Under is a win if the 20 marbles have a total score of less than 810.
  • Draw: if the total score of 20 marbles is 810, the player who bets on a draw wins. The win for this bet is 108 times the amount bet.

Bet on even/odd/draw

Even bet on draw in the game What is keno?? This form will be calculated based on the 20 marbles drawn by the dealer as follows:

  • Even number: If more than 10 marbles are an even number, you win.
  • Odd number: If more than 10 marbles are odd numbers, you bet on this number and you win.
  • Draw bet: if there are 10 even marbles and 10 odd marbles, this bet wins.

Odd/even bets

This even/odd bet in keno will be different from the even/odd/draw bet above because it will be based on the total score of 20 balls:

  • Even: If the total score of 20 marbles is even, you win 1.95.
  • Odd number: If 20 marbles add up to an odd total, you get 1.95.

In addition to the above forms, you can refer to a few other methods at bookmaker New88. Before participating, carefully learn the rules of the game What is keno?, how to play each bet.

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What are the steps to participate in keno?

Currently, you can choose to participate in the keno lottery at bookmakers like New88. To enter this lottery draw, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official homepage of bookmaker New88 and log in. Then you proceed to select keno lottery to start betting.
  • Step 2: After selecting the game and market, select the bet level. You just need to enter the bet amount on the table and press bet.
  • Step 3: Choose the numbers you predict will win in that drawing session. The system will then record the numbers that the player bets.
  • Step 4: Wait for the prize drawing system and announce the final results.

Tips for playing keno to easily predict success

Playing keno is not simply based on the luck of the participant but also on tips. So tips for predicting winning numbers during the drawing session What is keno?? Below are some suggestions regularly applied by veteran players:
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  • Keno is divided into many different reward levels, so you need to pay attention.
  • Maintain a strong mentality throughout the entire participation time, do not place bets hastily.
  • Statistics of the results of previous drawing sessions to be able to eliminate unlikely numbers.
  • Monitor the predictions made by bettors and analyze to see how accurate that number is.
  • Control your betting process, don’t bet too much on one game.

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So that’s the information to answer What is keno? has been sent to you through the above article. Hopefully through the above, everyone can easily participate in betting on this game. Please visit New88 to have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards from predicting lucky numbers.

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