10 Best Free File Recovery Software

Data loss in the modern digital age may occur due to accidental deletion of formatting problems, or system failures. Fortunately, free file recovery software has costly solutions to recover lost data. These programs are powerful and can recover files for any reason. Understanding why you need free file restoration software is important. Important data loss due to deleting errors, editing, or system faults can be harmful. Free file-recovering software can be a lifesaver in such situations. There are three important reasons for using this software: it saves money by recovering lost data without using expensive tools. It has quick and easy repairs with user-friendly interfaces and has access to files with devices and systems that fail. It can save you money by preventing the loss of information without using an expensive tool. It also offers quick, easy repair with a user-friendly interface, and many failed files, which can save money in various free recovery situations.

Top 10 Free File Recovery Tools

WinfrGUI Free Data Recovery Software

WinfrGUI is a popular free file recovery software. Windows-specific, this sophisticated utility recovers damaged data. Its basic design simplifies wrist healing. Download WinfrGUI from a website, launch it, choose the disc or sector to recover from, and select Quick or Deep Screening. Check recoverable files, choose what you need, and save data.


DMDE Free Edition

Another powerful free data recovery software is the DMDE Free Edition. Although it is free to use, it has limitations. It can recover data that is visible in a specified location and up to 4,000 files at a time. To use the DMD Free Edition, you need to download and export the software from the official page, start the program, select the drive or part you want to recover from the settings and start scanning, check scan results, select rescue files, select file locations, and complete the recovery process. The DMDE free Edition is useful for home use due to its important file recovery functionality.


Recuva is a widely used free file recovery software that can be used in various data loss situations. It is distinguished by its secure deletion function, which permanently cleans data. Recuva must be downloaded and installed from a starting site. The software picks the file type, a quick or deep screen, and a search location, scans, identifies, selects, and starts the recovery procedure. Despite having fewer functionality than rivals, Recuva is praised for its fast scan and repair times.

TestDisk& PhotoRec

TestDisk and PhotoRec are two powerful tools that help with file recovery. Testdisk focuses on partition repair, while PhotoRec is specialized in recovering individual images. To use TestDisc and PhotoRec, you need to download and install from their related websites, start TestDisk, follow the instructions on the screen to select a drive, and start partition recovery. Then, use PhotoRec to find and retrieve each photo. Finally, choose where to save the recovered file and complete the recovery process. Test Disk has a powerful partition reparation tool, but it doesn’t have a graphical user interface, which requires a command interface. Furthermore, PhotoRec may be a challenge for beginners to use.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro is a free file recovery software that offers various methods for recovering deleted files quickly. Users can choose the type of file to look at before starting the recovery process, accelerating the overall process. To use UnDeleteMyFiles Pro, you need to download and run the program from the site, select the type of file you want to recover, start searching for results, choose the saved files you want, restore, select file locations, and complete the recovery process. While UndeleteMy Files includes numerous tools for full data recovery, its old-looking user design may affect the user experience.

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is known for its simplicity, making it accessible to anyone who can receive deleted data. The software filters and data quality marks make the recovery process easier. To use Wise Data Recovery, you need to download and run it from the official page, select the drive or sector where you want to scan, and browse the recovered objects using the Explorer interface. Select the files you want saved and specify their targets. Although the planning is clear and the options will make navigation easy, empty lists can sometimes hinder the recovery process. Furthermore, the free version of Wise Data Recovery can only recover up to 2GB of data.

PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery specializes in recovering lost files and has a simple way to recover discs. To use PC Inspektor File Recover, you need to download and run a program from the website, start the program, and select “Recover Lost Partitions.”. Follow the instructions on the screen to check the drive or partition, check the recovered information, and select the file you want to recover. Finally, choose where to save the recovery files and complete the recovery process. While PC Inspector file recovery has a user-friendly design, it may not be able to restore multiple files as well as other recovery tools.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

The free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides multiple data recovery options, although most are limited to small data volumes. The software offers a user-friendly design and fast recovery speed. To use the free EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, you need to download and run an application from a website, select the drive or sector you want to scan, start scanning, wait for the recovered file scan results, and select the files you wish to recover. Finally, choose the location of the file and complete the recovery process. While the free version has its limitations in terms of recovery and advanced capabilities, it has perfect features for the need for small data recovering.

Disk Drill

Complete data recovery solution Disc Drill covers several storage media and data loss scenarios. Both free and paid versions run well and provide many features. disc Drill requires downloading and installing a software from the site, selecting the disc or storage device to scan, browsing the file to recover, selecting a file-saving location, and completing the recovery procedure. Free DiskDrill includes limited recovery possibilities; premium has more extensive functions at a charge.

Ontrack EasyRecovery

Data recovery software Ontrack EasyRecovery may do many things. The recuperation procedure is rapid and uncomplicated because to its many features and simple design. OnTrack Easyrecovery requires downloading the software from the official page, running it, and selecting the recovery choices (email file recovery or disc analysis). Scan a disc or folder for missing files and wait for results. Check the file with the repair, pick the file to recover, specify the file location, and finish the restoration. Ontrack EasyRecovery includes several functions. It may cost more than other recovery tools. High-quality steps may only be accessible in premium editions.


Finally, free file recovery software may restore lost data without costing anything. These programmes recover data rapidly, are straightforward to use, and compatible with many file systems and devices. People may preserve their precious data and minimise unintentional data loss using 2024’s top free data recovery tool.

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