Easy & Quick: How to Backup iPad to External Hard Drive

It’s crucial to back up your iPad regularly to prevent any loss or damage. In the following guide, we’ll explore how to back up iPad to external hard drive, which can ensure the security of your data.

Why Does iPad Need to Be Backed up to External Hard Drive?

Before we start to backup your iPad, you would like to know why you need to backup your iPad or other iOS device data. Like iPhone, iPad allows users to store various essential data it, such as messages, photos, contacts, music, notes, and videos. These files Here, we list some reasons:

  • Prevent accidental deletion or loss of files: Backup can prevent accidental deletion or data loss. Whether it is accidental deletion of photos, music, videos, or data loss due to long time, backup can avoid these problems.
  • Save iPad storage space: After backing up files to an external hard drive, you can free up iPad storage space and avoid device lags caused by insufficient storage space.
  • Flexible data management: Backing up and restoring data enables flexible data management. If you want to replace your iPad with a new one but don’t want to lose the data on your old iPad, you can transfer the important data through backup and restore.

Easy & Quick: Backup iPad to Hard Drive with FoneTool

Once we understand the importance of backup iPad, we can take appropriate actions. While looking for the best way to backup iOS data, I discovered FoneTool, a freeware phone tool. It is a professional iOS data backup and transfer tool with amazingly fast backup speed and a stable backup process. Therefore, I recommended it to my friends and they started using this software to manage their iPads and iPhones.

FoneTool has more features:

  • It has an intuitive interface that helps you easily backup iPad to any other hard drive.
  • You can preview and selective backup data, including contacts, photos, videos, music, messages.
  • It offers one-click backup function, you can backup everything in the iPad with a few clicks.
  • FoneTool is widely compatible with the latest iPad and works well with iPhone/iPod Touch.

Simple Steps to Backup iPad to External Hard Drive

FoneTool provides two ways to backup your iPad data: Selective Backup and Full Backup. According to your needs, you can pick different ways to backup your devices, FoneTool is also suitable for preparing an iPhone backup.

How to Backup Everything from iPad to Another Hard Drive

If you want to back up all of your data to another iOS device, then you can choose the Full Backup feature.

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPad and your computer > Launch FoneTool.

Step 2. Locate Phone Backup on the interface > Select Full Backup > Tap Get Started.

By the way, FoneTool is also the best free iPhone to PC transfer software, you can go to Phone Transfer to experience it.

Step 3. Decide a storage location from the Backup Storage Path option to back up iPad to external hard drive > Tap Start Backup to begin.

Tip: If you want to back up your private information, such as Health data, you can encrypt the backup.

Step 4. After the backup is complete, you can go to Backup History to find the backup task.

How to Backup Specific Data from iPad to External Hard Drive

FoneTool’s selective backup feature allows you to preview and select the files you like. Including photos, music, videos, contacts. For example, whether you want to back up a single photo or all of your pictures, FoneTool can easily help you complete it.

Step 1. Free download FoneTool to your computer > Connect iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Open FoneTool > Go to Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Click Get Started.

Step 3. Click the icons of data that you want to backup to your computer > Then you can preview and select the data you need> Tap OK to continue.

Step 4. Click the Backup Storage Path to set the external hard drive as the destination > Hit Start Backup.



That’s all about how to backup iPad to external hard drive. After following this guide, you will be able to back up your iPad to a computer or other external hard drives easily. To make the backup process more convenient and effective for you, FoneTool provides both selective backup and full backup methods. You can use any of these methods to back up your iPad to an external hard drive quickly.

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