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Game chicken Hi88 This is the place where cock masters often visit. If you have a passion for this subject but are still struggling to find a reputable playground, this will be a perfect suggestion. Follow the article to grasp the outstanding advantages that the brand brings!

Overview of the cockfighting hallHi88

Hi88 Cockfighting is a type of betting that has been around for a long time and is popular in most countries in Southeast Asia. When participating, you will not only be able to watch exciting matches but also have the opportunity to show your talent in predicting which chicken will win.

Over time, the sport is increasingly accepted and developed more widely with a variety of new competition formats. From here, cockfightingHi88 was also officially launched, bringing an extremely classy entertainment space through smart devices with Internet connection.

Reasons to join cockfighting atHi88

Wishing to help you be more confident when choosingHi88 Makes an ideal stop for cockfighting betting. Next we will introduce to you the outstanding advantages of the playground.

GamechickenHi88 Has vivid image and sound quality

With the aim of optimizing user experience, the house’s IT team has constantly upgraded the system to produce the clearest broadcast images. Along with that is the vivid sound quality, players will feel extremely “satisfied” with each unique performance of the fighting cocks.

Customer care team and professional commentators

Besides the above advantages, each match has the participation of professional commentators who know how to make jokes to stir up the atmosphere. Along with that is a well-trained customer service team, ready to answer your questions 24/7/365 days in a dedicated and thoughtful manner.

“Rubbish” in the reward payment stage

GamechickenHi88 Highly appreciated by both new players and veteran players in terms of rewards. With a diverse transaction system, all rewards that members earn will be paid within 1 minute. There have been many members who have successfully become rich just by participating in cockfightingHi88 aquí.

Instructions for betting on cockfighting atHi88

In case you are a newbie in cockfighting and don’t know how to start betting. Don’t worry, below we will guide you through the basic rules in this interesting type of entertainment.

As mentioned, cockfightingHi88 will allow you to track and predict fights between two cocks. Through that, betting options appear including:

  • Meron Door: The cocks represent the home/banker’s side. Usually shown in red, denoted M. The payout ratio for this bet is 1 to 0.8.
  • Wala Hand: The cock represents the away team/player hand with a typical blue color and symbol P. The listed reward level will be 1 to 1.
  • BDD (Draw): In cockfighting betting, the situation where two chickens are “evenly matched” is very unlikely to happen. That’s why this choice always brings extremely high profits up to 1 to 8.

Types of cockfighting are often seen in cockfightingHi88

Cockfighting betting atHi88, you will never feel bored because this place offers a variety of competition genres. Some of the most famous include the following forms:
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Cockfighting with iron spurs

Iron spurs are an equipment added to the legs of fighting cocks to help make fighting scenes more dramatic. Normally, a traditional match will last for many hours depending on the level of the two cocks. However, in this form, the time will be shortened to a maximum of about 10 to 15 minutes.

Knife cockfighting

At cockfightingHi88 The knife spur form is very popular because of its “bloody” nature. Thereby, when the two fighting cocks take to the field, they will be equipped with an extremely sharp blade-shaped spur. If they are accidentally hit, one of the two chickens may have to “die” immediately without a chance to “remove their troubles”.

Thomo cockfighting

Thomo – a gathering place for famous cockfighting arenas in the field with careful investment in each game. Before going onto the field, the cocks have been carefully selected from appearance, weight, health, etc. They are all “warriors” with outstanding achievements, ensuring every match brings results. feeling of suspense but no less attractive.


This article has just helped you explore every important aspect of the lobby game chicken Hi88. From the above sharing, we hope that you have gained a multi-dimensional view and are more confident when participating in betting here. Wishing you big wins with your own investment decisions.

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