Instructions on How to Play Blackjack Most Accurately

Currently, blackjack keywords are emerging on forum pages. If a complete newbie is learning about games to play, they probably don’t know about this game. So what is this game? How to play blackjack? Together Hi88 Find out right below this article.

What is the blackjack game?

Blackjack is a type of card game played with 2 or more people and a maximum of 6 people. Today, this game is widely popular throughout Europe and Asia because of its novelty and appeal. Participating in the game, there will be one person in charge of the house, the remaining people will be the house. These houses must bet money before each value game depending on their available capital.

If they win, the player will receive a bonus amount equal to the previous bet. If you lose, you will lose the entire bet amount to the house. However, when playing blackjack, the house will have to publicize the possible payout within its ability to avoid the situation where the player bets big and wins but has no money to pay. All families participating in the game are against that dealer, because they will have the same rights. In a game, the player will be dealt 2 cards, then can freely draw 3 more cards and add up the score compared to the dealer’s score. If the player’s score is more, it means he wins the bet and receives a reward.

Basic blackjack rules

How to play blackjack First, let’s learn about some commonly used terms in this type of game to make it easier to understand when participating as follows:

  • Draw cards: This action is when you draw 1 additional card from the remaining deck after the dealer deals the cards. You can only draw cards when the total number of points in your hand is <21 points. You are not allowed to draw cards if you have achieved blackjack.
  • Dang: Dang is the final decision when you feel that the points in your hand are strong enough to win and there is no need to draw another card. Understanding these terms is how to play blackjack effectively.
  • Dang non: This means choosing a bet when the total score of the cards in your hand is <16. In addition, some cases are when you have drawn all 5 cards or the total score in your hand is <21 points.
  • Reviewing Cards: The dealer only reviews the cards of players who are old enough. You can compare scores with the player you want to consider to determine victory or defeat. There are usually two cases: the dealer considers each player’s cards or all players at the same time.
  • Not old enough means your total score is < 16 points.
  • Being old means your total score is from 16 to 21 points.
  • Blackjack: The way to play blackjack is in case your card has 2 cards, 1 card is Ace, the remaining card will be 10, J, Q, K
  • Poker: is a card in your hand that has 2 aces.
  • Five Spirits: is the total score of 5 cards <21 points
  • Quac: total score on hand >21 points

How to calculate points in blackjack

To understand how to play blackjack, you must clearly understand the rules for calculating points from the cards. For cards from 2 to 10, points are calculated according to the value of each number. The remaining pieces J, Q, K are counted as 10 points. As for the Ace card, it is calculated based on the number of cards in the player’s hand such as 2 or 3 cards corresponding to 11, 10, 1 so that it is most reasonable for the player.

If you have more than 3 cards, meaning about 4 to 5 cards, the Ace is only counted as 1 point. After dealing the cards, you can draw new cards. The system will calculate the Ace’s score based on the player’s total score. At the same time, it also decides whether that player has the right to draw more cards or not.

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Experience needs attention when playing blackjack

Each game has its own rules. You need to master and apply these rules of how to play blackjack to increase your chances of winning. Below are some noteworthy scoring rules in the blackjack game that experts recommend Hi88 To summarize, you can refer to:

  • 16-17 points: If you encounter this score, pay attention to the number of cards in your opponent’s hand and decide whether to draw again.
  • If your opponent owns 2 cards, you should draw 1 more card for yourself to increase your score when comparing cards.
  • When playing blackjack, if your opponent has 3 or 4 cards in hand, you need to base on their playing style in previous games to see if the opponent often draws many cards or if they get caught. . If you notice that they always stop when the cards are old enough, then you can guess the opponent’s score and decide whether to continue drawing cards or not.
  • If the opponent has drawn all 5 cards, they are likely holding the five spirits. But that probability is also much lower than quack. If you encounter this situation, please choose the card comparison method.
  • 18-21 points: Around this point you should also choose to compare cards.


Above are the experiences Hi88 Research from real-life experiences on how to play blackjack. However, the luck factor still determines up to 60% of your chance of winning. So sometimes we should rely on our emotions to decide. Wishing you all good luck and make the right decision in every case.

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