High Noon Entertainment: Pioneers in Unscripted Storytelling

In the vast world of television and entertainment, High Noon Entertainment stands out as a beacon of creativity and authenticity. With a knack for discovering unique characters and weaving captivating narratives around them, this Emmy-nominated production house has carved a niche for itself. 

The High Noon Mission:

High Noon Entertainment is not just another production house; it’s a group of passionate storytellers. Their mission is clear: to specialize in creating unscripted, character-driven programming. What sets them apart is their ability to discover unknown breakout characters and craft entertaining formats around them. They narrate these stories with a blend of authenticity, heart, and a generous sprinkle of humor. This approach not only makes their content engaging but also resonates with a broad audience.

Social Media Presence:

In today’s digital age, a strong social media presence is indispensable for any brand. High Noon Entertainment is no exception. Their active engagement on platforms like Instagram showcases their latest projects, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and much more. From celebrating team birthdays to sharing snippets of their latest shows like “Unsellable Houses” and “Good Bones,” they ensure their audience is always in the loop. This active engagement not only promotes their content but also builds a community of loyal followers.

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Locations and Reach:

With offices in Los Angeles, Denver, and Connecticut, High Noon Entertainment has a widespread presence. This geographical diversity allows them to tap into various markets, ensuring a broad spectrum of content that caters to different audiences.

A Word of Caution:

While High Noon Entertainment is always on the lookout for fresh ideas, they have a strict policy against accepting unsolicited submissions of show ideas. This is a testament to their commitment to originality and their respect for intellectual property.

High Noon Entertainment Jobs Near Frisco, TX:

Frisco, TX, a rapidly growing city with a burgeoning entertainment scene, has seen a rise in opportunities for media professionals. High Noon Entertainment, recognizing the potential of this city, has often posted job openings here. From production assistants to senior producers, the company offers a range of roles for those passionate about television.

High Noon Entertainment Jobs Near Dallas, TX:

Dallas, a major city in Texas, is a hub for media and entertainment. High Noon Entertainment, with its commitment to expanding its reach, has frequently listed job opportunities in Dallas. The city’s vibrant culture and diverse talent pool make it an ideal location for the company’s operations.

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High Noon Entertainment Shows:

The company’s portfolio boasts a range of popular shows. From “Unsellable Houses” to “Good Bones,” High Noon Entertainment has consistently delivered content that resonates with audiences. Their shows are not just about entertainment; they tell stories with authenticity, heart, and humor.

Who Owns High Noon Entertainment:

Ownership in the entertainment industry can often be a complex web. High Noon Entertainment, however, has maintained a clear and transparent ownership structure. While the specifics might be proprietary, the company’s commitment to its mission and values remains unwavering under its leadership.

High Noon Entertainment Denver:

Denver, Colorado, serves as one of the primary locations for High Noon Entertainment. With its rich culture and scenic beauty, Denver provides the perfect backdrop for many of the company’s productions. The city also hosts the company’s main office, making it a central hub for its operations.

High Noon Entertainment Contact:

Reaching out to High Noon Entertainment is a straightforward process. Whether it’s for business inquiries, collaborations, or feedback, the company has established clear channels of communication for all stakeholders.

High Noon Entertainment Casting:

Casting is a critical aspect of any production. High Noon Entertainment has a rigorous casting process. They scout for talent that aligns with their storytelling ethos, ensuring that their shows remain engaging and authentic.

High Noon Entertainment Email:

For those looking to get in touch via email, High Noon Entertainment provides specific email addresses based on the nature of the inquiry. This ensures that queries reach the right department, facilitating efficient communication.

High Noon Entertainment Reviews:

Reviews and feedback play a crucial role in the entertainment industry. High Noon Entertainment, with its commitment to excellence, has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Their shows, production quality, and storytelling prowess have been lauded consistently.


High Noon Entertainment is more than just a production house; it’s a storytelling powerhouse. Their commitment to authenticity, combined with their ability to discover unique characters, makes them a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. As they continue to produce content that resonates with audiences worldwide, one thing is clear: the sun is high up in the sky for High Noon Entertainment, and it’s not setting anytime soon.

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