Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms: The Ultimate Guide to Sensitivity and Safety

In the world of intimacy, feeling every sensation is paramount. For many, the barrier between pleasure and protection has been a challenge. Enter the Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms – a product that promises the best of both worlds. 

What Makes Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Stand Out?

  • Ultra-Thin Design: One of the thinnest condoms in the Lifestyles range, it’s designed to provide an almost natural experience.
  • High-Quality Latex: Despite its thinness, it’s made from high-quality latex, ensuring strength and reliability.
  • Lubrication: These condoms come lubricated, enhancing the overall experience and ensuring smooth interactions.

Size and Specifications:

  • Length: Approximately 7.5 inches, catering to a wide range of sizes.
  • Width: A base width of about 2.1 inches, ensuring a snug fit for most.
  • Material: Made from natural rubber latex, it’s both elastic and durable.
  • Thickness: At 70 microns, it’s thin enough to feel every sensation.

Additional Features for Enhanced Pleasure:

  • Shape: Straight-sided and teat-ended, designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • Texture: Smooth, ensuring no distractions from unnatural ridges or patterns.
  • Color: Clear, giving it a natural look.

User Reviews and Feedback:

Many users have praised the Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms for their consistent quality and the natural feel they provide. Some even mentioned that it feels like there’s almost nothing there, a testament to the product’s design focus on sensitivity. However, as with all products, fit can be subjective. A few users found them tight, especially those with a circumference of over 5 inches. It’s always recommended to try different sizes to find the perfect fit.

Safety First:

All Lifestyles condoms, including the Ultra Sensitive range, are electronically tested to ensure reliability. They also feature a reservoir tip for added safety.

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling

The LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive condoms are designed to provide users with a natural feeling, almost as if there’s nothing in between. This sensation is achieved through their ultra-thin design, which doesn’t compromise on safety. The aim is to enhance intimacy by allowing users to experience every sensation while ensuring maximum protection.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling Lubricated Latex Condoms

These condoms are not just thin; they come lubricated to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience. The lubrication reduces friction, further enhancing the natural feeling during intimacy. It’s a perfect blend of safety and pleasure, ensuring that nothing comes between you and your partner.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling Lubricated Latex Condoms 40 Count

For those who are certain about their choice and want to stock up, the 40-count pack is ideal. It ensures that you’re always prepared for those intimate moments without the hassle of frequent repurchases. Plus, buying in bulk is often more economical.

Lifestyles Natural Feeling vs Ultra-Sensitive

While both these variants from LifeStyles aim to provide a natural feeling, the Ultra Sensitive range is designed for heightened sensitivity. The Natural Feeling condoms, on the other hand, focus on mimicking the natural experience with a balance of thickness and lubrication.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Condoms

The Platinum range is a step up, offering even more refined features for those seeking the ultimate experience. They promise enhanced sensitivity without compromising on safety, making every moment count.

Are Ultra-Sensitive Condoms Safe?

Absolutely. Despite their thinness, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards. Their design focuses on enhancing pleasure without compromising protection.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms Ingredients

Primarily made from high-quality natural rubber latex, these condoms also come with a premium silicone-based lubricant. All ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure safety and comfort.

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LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive vs Skyn

While both are top contenders in the market, the Ultra Sensitive range focuses on latex-based solutions, whereas Skyn offers a non-latex alternative. Your choice would depend on personal preferences and any latex allergies.

Do Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Condoms Have Spermicide?

No, the Ultra Sensitive range does not come with spermicide. They rely on their design and material to provide protection.

Lifestyle Condoms Ultra Thin

The Ultra Thin variant is another testament to LifeStyles’ commitment to providing natural-feeling solutions. They are even thinner, ensuring maximum sensitivity.

How Long Do Lifestyle Condoms Last?

Typically, condoms have an expiration date of about 4-5 years from manufacture. It’s essential to check the packaging before use.

Lifestyle Condoms: Good or Bad?

LifeStyles condoms have garnered positive reviews for their quality and performance. However, individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to find the variant that suits you best.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Latex Condoms Reviews

Most reviews praise the natural feeling and comfort of these condoms. Users appreciate the balance of sensitivity and safety, making them a popular choice.


In the quest for the perfect balance between sensitivity and safety, Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms emerge as a top contender. Whether you’re new to the world of condoms or looking for a change, they offer a unique experience that’s both safe and satisfying. Remember, the key to a great intimate experience is not just about feeling everything but also ensuring you’re protected every step of the way.

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