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Damad Ji (2023)

Damad Ji (2023) Web Series Cast, reviews and stories

Abhishek Dogra created and directed Damad Ji, an Indian Hindi-language comedy web series released on ALTBalaji on May 20, 2023. Starring Vivek Dahiya, Ashnor Kaur, and Kavita Kaushik, it premiered.

The series tells the tale of Samar (Vivek Dahiya), who marries Priya (Ashnoor Kaur). Samar is honest yet straightforward, while Priya tends to be demanding and possessive. Their personalities often clash, resulting in frequent tension between them both.

Samar’s mother-in-law, Biji (Kavita Kaushik), is independent. Feel free to express her opinions when necessary; she often conflicts with Samar over some issues. Biji remains determined that Samar remains happy despite their differences; she will go the extra mile to make that possible.

This comedy follows Samar and Priya on their misadventures as they try to make their marriage work. Additionally, it serves as an insightful commentary on changing Indian family dynamics and exploring arranged marriage challenges.

Cast: (in order of appearance) Vivek Dahiya as Samar; Ashnoor Kaur as Priya; Kavita Kaushik (Biji); Delnaaz Irani (Kamini); Manoj Pahwa as Babuji, Anup Soni as Mr Kapoor and Parmeet Sethi as Mr Chadha

The Times of India says Damad Ji is an entertaining and heartwarming series that will make you laugh out loud. The cast is fantastic, and the writing is sharp and witty – ideal if you want a good belly laugh.” If that describes your taste in comedy, then look at Damad Ji.

“Damad Ji is an enjoyable take on the arranged marriage genre, offering humorous, heartwarming, and thought-provoking episodes. If you’re searching for a new series, consider Damad Ji as it will likely deliver.”

“Damad Ji is an outstanding and entertaining series. The acting is stellar, and its writing witty and hilarious; for an engaging comedy experience, you should check it out!”

Samar is an honest man married to Priya, an unruly young woman with many demands and an impatient attitude. They frequently clash, which causes Samar’s mother-in-law, Biji, who is strong and independent, to express herself freely, determined to ensure her daughter’s happiness at any cost.

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Samar and Priya’s misadventures as they attempt to make their marriage work serve as a commentary on changing dynamics within Indian families, and its focus explores challenges associated with arranged marriages.

Damad Ji is an engaging and entertaining comedy series that will make you laugh out loud! Its cast is outstanding, and its writing is sharp and clever; this one should not be missed for a fun time out with your family or a good chuckle! Check it out now.

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