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Aazam (2023)

Aazam (2023) Hindi Film Cast and Review Analysis | Storie

Aazam is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller written and directed by Shravan Tiwari that will be released on January 8, 2023. It stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, Raza Murad, Sanjeev Tyagi, Govind Namdev, Sayaji Shinde Ali Khan Anang Desai Mushtaq Khan Vivek Ghamande Inzmam Alok Pandey & Sushant Jain among others.

The film takes place in Mumbai’s underworld. It follows a young man attempting to take control of his criminal empire inherited from his father. Critics have praised it for its action sequences, performances and direction.


  • Jimmy Sheirgill as Javed
  • Abhimanyu Singh as Kadar
  • Indraneil Sengupta as DCP Ajay Joshi
  • Raza Murad as Nawab
  • Sanjeev Tyagi as PSI Ankit More
  • Govind Namdev as Pratab Shetty
  • Sayaji Shinde as Madan Shikre
  • Ali Khan as Shakir Shaikh
  • Anang Desai as Firoz Namazi
  • Mushtaq Khan as Tatiya
  • Vivek Ghamande as Annya
  • Inzmam as Murad
  • Alok Pandey as Vishal
  • Sushant Jain as Azaz

Reviews:¬†The Times of India awarded Aazam three out of five stars and wrote, “Aazam is an engaging action thriller which will keep audiences thoroughly engaged throughout. With some outstanding action sequences and stellar performances by its cast, Aazam should satisfy those interested in action cinema.”

The Hindu awarded Aazam three out of five stars: “Aazam is a decent action thriller that delivers some exciting action sequences; however, its narrative can sometimes be predictable. Overall, Aazam should appeal to fans of action films but isn’t mandatory viewing.”

NDTV gave Aazam three out of five stars and wrote, “Aazam is an elegant action thriller with superb action sequences and strong performances from its cast; overall, it makes for a worthwhile watch for fans of action cinema.”

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Storyline:¬†Aazam tells the tale of Javed, an ambitious young man striving to take control of his father’s criminal empire. Though skilled as an assailant and leader, Javed is also relentlessly driven to pursue his goals – willing to kill anyone to reach them.

Javed’s father, Nawab, is an infamous and powerful gangster in Mumbai’s underworld and has held onto power for many years without relinquishing control to Javed without a fight. Nawab boasts an army of henchmen who will defend him at all costs and will use violence to get what he wants.

Javed and Nawab’s fight for control of Mumbai’s underworld is fierce and bloody; neither will stop at anything to win their contest, and innocent residents of Mumbai could become caught up in it all.

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Aazam (2023) Hindi Movie


Aazam is the story of a young man named Javed who is trying to take over his father’s criminal empire. Javed is a skilled fighter and a natural leader, but he is also ruthless and ambitious. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even if it means killing those who stand in his way.

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