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Pippa 2023 Hindi Movie Reviews Mp4Moviez

Pippa is an Indian Hindi-language biographical war film based on the life of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta of India’s 45th Cavalry regiment, who, along with his siblings, fought on the eastern front during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Named after the Russian amphibious war tank “PT-76”, which floats on water like an empty ‘pippa’ (tin) of ghee, the film traces Mehta’s coming-of-age as he steps up to prove himself in a war to liberate Bangladesh.

CastIshann Khattar, Mrunal Thakur, Priyanshu Painyuli, Inaamulhaq, Waris Ahmed Zaidi, Leysan Karimova
Release Date10 November 2023
Duration2h 19min
DirectorRaja Menon
ProductionRSVP, Roy Kapur Films

The official trailer of Pippa is a stirring and emotional journey that captures the essence of the film. It showcases the intensity of the war scenes, the camaraderie among the soldiers, and the personal struggles faced by Balram Singh Mehta. The trailer’s haunting music and powerful visuals set the tone for a gripping and unforgettable cinematic experience.

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Story: Navigating the Battlefield and Beyond

Pippa chronicles the journey of Balram Singh Mehta, an ordinary young man thrust into the extraordinary circumstances of the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. As a member of the 45th Cavalry regiment, Balram finds himself on the frontlines of the war, facing the horrors of combat and the unwavering determination of the enemy.

Amidst the chaos and bloodshed, Balram and his fellow soldiers forge deep bonds of camaraderie, relying on one another for support and survival. The film also explores Balram’s struggles as he grapples with the complexities of war, the loss of comrades, and the yearning for peace.

Cast: A Talented Ensemble Brings the Story to Life

Ishaan Khatter delivers a powerful performance as Balram Singh Mehta, capturing the character’s transformation from a young man into a seasoned war hero. Mrunal Thakur brings grace and strength to the role of Gurpreet Kaur, Balram’s love interest, who stands by him through thick and thin. Priyanshu Painyuli shines as Harbhajan Singh Mehta, Balram’s elder brother, who serves as a mentor and guide throughout the war.

Box Office Collection and Budget

Pippa has been praised for its authentic portrayal of the 1971 war, poignant storyline, and stellar performances. The film has grossed over ₹100 crores (US$13 million) at the box office, making it a commercial success. Its estimated budget is around ₹50 crores (US$6.3 million), indicating a solid return on investment.

OTT Release Date

Pippa premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 10, 2023. The film’s OTT release made it accessible to a broader audience, allowing viewers to experience the war drama from the comfort of their homes.

Final Thoughts: A Wartime Drama That Resonates

Pippa is more than just a war film; it is a testament to the human spirit, brotherhood’s power, and the human heart’s resilience. The film’s poignant storyline and authentic portrayal of the 1971 war make it a must-watch for those seeking a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during wartime. Pippa is a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of war on individuals, families, and nations.

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