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StartingAkshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Gaurav Prateek, Rajesh Sharma and many others.
Release Date6 October 2023
DirectorTinu Suresh Desai
ProductionPooja Entertainment, AK Productions
ProducerVashu Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh, Jackky Bhagnani, Ajay Kapoor

Before diving into Mission Raniganj’s thrilling world, watch its engaging trailer. This short preview offers an irresistibly tantalizing peek into its captivating plot, striking visuals, and powerful performances – as well as building anticipation as you wait eagerly for its release date.

Mission Raniganj’s trailer

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Mission Raniganj Movie Download in Hindi mp4moviez Filmyzilla 1080p

One of the hallmarks of Mission Raniganj is its captivating cast. Spearheaded by an experienced ensemble, Mission Raniganj features breathtaking performances that transport viewers directly into its narrative. Here are its prominent cast members: (From left) Akshay Kumar as Jaswant Singh Gill, Parineeti Chopra as Dr. Niharika Singh Kumud Mishra as S.P. Mishra Pavan Malhotra as Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ravi Kishan D.M of Raniganj (from left). Varun Badola joins Dibyendu Bhattacharya as a Mining Engineer before Dibyendu Bhattacharya arrives as a Trapped Miner.

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Mission Raniganj is an Indian Hindi-language

Survival thriller film directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and produced by Pooja Entertainment, set against a real-life incident that happened at Raniganj Coalfields, West Bengal, in 1989 when 64 miners became trapped underground while Jaswant Singh Gill took risks to rescue them all.

Akshay Kumar stars as Jaswant Singh Gill (Mining Engineer). When called upon to assist with rescuing trapped miners at Raniganj, Gill arrives and assesses their predicament; though difficult and hazardous, he is determined to save as many lives as possible.
Gill devises a risky plan to rescue the miners using a capsule lowered into the mine. He’s willing to take this risk but needs his team members’ support for this rescue attempt to succeed.
Gill’s team was initially reluctant to assist him but eventually agreed. Working as a team, they worked to prepare the capsule and lower it into the mine where all 64 miners had been trapped; ultimately, their rescue operation was successful, and all 64 were successfully rescued from death underground.

Mission Raniganj Movie Box Office Wages Excited As its release date nears, movie enthusiasts all around the globe eagerly anticipate Mission Raniganj’s box office performance. Already, it has grossed over ₹100 crore worldwide against an initial budget of ₹60 crore.

Mission Raniganj Movie Budget Every cinematic masterpiece boasts a carefully planned budget. Mission Raniganj is no different; with its grandeur and eye for detail, its budget details remain closely guarded – yet it is evident that no expense was spared when creating this captivating film – from production design to talented cast and crew, Mission Raniganj is a testament to passion and dedication of filmmakers alike – with its estimated budget estimated at ₹60 crore.

Mission Raniganj is a film that celebrates the human spirit. It shows us that even through complex challenges, it is possible to overcome them; furthermore, it honors all the courageous individuals who risk their lives to save others.
Additional Thoughts on the Film*

  • The cast is incredible in this movie: Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Kumud Mishra, Pavan Malhotra, Ravi Kishan, Varun Badola, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya all give outstanding performances that genuinely distinguish themselves.
  • Tinu Suresh Desai does an exceptional job directing and crafting an emotionally engaging film. The screenplay is well written, keeping audiences invested in its characters and their journey.
  • The music for this film is brilliant, thanks to A.R. Rahman, who composed an epic score that perfectly captures its mood and tone.

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